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Siegel & Stockman created and manufactures mannequins for seamstresses, workshops of couture and for the showcase, the stylized models and displays for accessories since 1867.

Known worldwide through knowledge unique to the House passed down from generation to generation, the Stockman mannequins are used by the biggest names of high fashion and the fashion industry. Hand-crafted in the shop located next to Paris, the Stockman busts have the elegance and refinement of knowledge do the French.

Specialist of the dressmaker dummy, Stockman with for 150 years evolution of morphologies of men, women and children. Making paper mache gives Stockman mannequin durability, resistance and the charm of a heritage object. Siegel & Stockman has received the living heritage Enterprise label in 2012.

A large part of the activity of Stockman is carried out in the field the bust and the model of showcase for landscaping of the shops and the presentation of the clothes and accessories. Most of the large houses of international luxury, the largest stores and concept stores the most influential of the world equip their points of sale of the mannequins and door accessories Stockman.